La marzocco grinder swift manual book

The grinder is huge but i wanted to see how it compared to the sj ive been using. Instead of the typical steel grinder burrs, ceramic burrs are used and outlast their steel counterparts three to one. If the grinder shifts on the counter top, you are using too. Record feature to program and reproduce pressure profiles. Page 9 to improve the flavor profile of the espresso, the temperature of the water in the coffee boiler, and therefore of the groups, may eventually be raised or lowered via the digital display please consult the software programming manual for detailed instructions. Featuring dual hoppers and grinders and consistent dosing by volume, the. Grinder setup swift remove packaging and assemble bean hoppers. Dialing in two settings on a swift would almost be a weeks worth of coffee at my house. Please read the descriptions carefully to make sure you are purchasing the correct item for your machine. Automatically dose and tamp to your specifications. This grinder is capable of handling the long lines of the morning rush.

Swifts clever engineering and design guarantee level and consistent coffee beds, time after time. First of all the swift make a very good shot of espresso, no godshots but. If you have any questions feel free to contact our support team at 2067069104 x. Programmable eliminate a lot of inconsistency found in other grinders with several programmable options such as dosing and tamping, making it even easier to keep the line moving. Total watts coffee boiler only steam boiler only 1 group 2600 watts watts 0 watts 2 group 3400 watts 1400 watts. Reviews of coffee, espresso machines and grinders, howtos, and resources for the. They are used in many of the most highly regarded cafes in the world. Important changes where made on some of these components over the years. The manual brewing method offers complete control over brewing time and temperature, so your coffee is. Page 2 this manual includes information about how to maintain and troubleshoot your swift eps optimal. I have to dig deep for the big manualexploded parts diagram tonight. Because the pump is controlled manually, the barista must also monitor. So unless you are having a problem training and keeping your baristas, youll be better off without the swift grinder. You have to change the baskets though, even on a marzocco, but the swift comes with those.

Main features conical burrs deliver improved grind quality 63 mm dia. The swift grinder s engineering and design guarantees level and consistent coffee beds, time after time. Absolute and direct control of pressure at any point during the extraction. And by the way the swift grinder will work with other espresso machines.

It grinds on demand, doses by volume and tamps with the push of a button. The new gs3 mp sports a redesigned conical valve a common repair point in earlier models, a new brew pressure manometer at the brew head, and a modified pump switch that allows for preinfusion and manual pressure control when using the reservoir. Page 11 adjusting dose quantity the swift eps is set to dose approximately 16 to 18 warning grams of coffee in 22mm basket provided with the grinder. All of these can cause slight variations in shot times. Cup warmer heaters are an addition 400, 600, or 800 watts. It is possible to change the dosage quantity hazardous voltage by raising or lowering the height of the impeller. The ideal grinder for every barista with no waste or mess, this grinder is sure to wow everyone. Swift grinds, doses and tamps at the touch of a button, increasing bar efficiency.

Swift technology maintains quality in the cup, shot after shot, and from barista to barista. English introduction 3 inside the paddle 4 paddle valves parts 7 machines parts 8 description of the parts 11 maintaining the orings 12. Every great espresso machine needs to be paired with a high performance grinder in order to create espresso magic. Interested in having full manual control of flow and pressure. Set of glass panels for the gs3 equipped with specific parts for reassembly. Be certain your line voltage is compatible with the machine you ordered and have on site. Swift s clever engineering and design guarantee level and consistent coffee beds, time after time. The only thing you use more than your espresso machine is your espresso machine repair manual. Before ordering parts, please check your units date of production or contact us if you are not sure or cannot locate it.

At the push of a button the swift immediately grinds one of the two possible coffee beans choices, doses volumetrically, and tamps the coffee grounds into your portafilter handle. It didnt have one section on the hot water valve workings. Although the marzocco gs3 mp is a fully commercial espresso machine with enough capacity to cater a small wedding, its nicely sized for the home. For detailed care instructions, please refer to your machines user manual. See more ideas about coffee shop, coffee machine and espresso machine. Featuring dual hoppers and grinders and consistent dosing by volume, the swift also grinds, doses, and tamps automatically all at the touch of one button. Flat ceramic burrs ensure minimal heat buildup during the grinding process. Melbourne brothers steven and trevor simmons founded industry beans in 2010. Page 1 chute cleanout tool fuse replacement and reset switches tips and troubleshooting electrical diagrams 32 approvals inside back cover s.

It was regularly serviced and had the proper water softener installed. Pian di san bartolo 50010 via bolognese firenze, italy t. It cuts out the variables giving you consistent, accurate, and quick results. Mazzer has been making grinders since the early 1940s in a little town right outside of venice, italy. Featuring dual hopper design, the swift allows for a single grinder to serve two different coffees. Adjusting dose quantities on a swift grinder youtube. To book a service, please reach out to us using the form below and we will get. Seattle specialty coffee machine and accessories retailer and distributor. It is a little pricy but if it is worthy it, why not. Swift model features doses to within a fraction of a gram grind, dose, and tamp technology easily adjustable dose. The swift grinder is the only grinder that grinds and tamps on demand, with no waste and no mess, to an accurate volumetric dose.

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